Broodstock Hatchery Manager

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A fantastic opportunity in New Zealand as Broodstock Hatchery Manager.

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  • 1 year ago
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A fantastic opportunity in New Zealand as Broodstock Hatchery Manager. This position is a key role in the Freshwater team and the wider aquaculture team. The sucesfull candidate is expected to achieve identified targets for their hatchery, and where necessary other parts of the company.  In conjunction with the other Hatchery Managers, the incumbent is expected to co-operatively coordinate their teams  and resources to meet the wider Aquaculture team objectives.

Sucessful candidate is expected to identify opportunities for improvement and to then investigate these opportunities in detail and present results in a form that allows the wider business value to be determined. 

The Hatchery Manager is a key role in the Aquaculture Management Team and will provide input into the tactical and operational capacity development of New Zealand King Salmon’s Aquaculture strategy.

Main requirements

The role, which reports to the Freshwater Manager, includes taking full responsibility for the management of:

Freshwater Production

  • Responsible for the overall supervision of fish culture duties through all stages of the reproduction cycle under your management.
  • Develop and maintain proper fish rearing standards, systems, techniques and procedures.
  • Work with the FOM to identify and estimate resources required to meet or exceed ova, feed, labour and production targets.
  • At your hatchery - manage all data collection, input, analysis and reporting.
  • Ensure all equipment is appropriate, up to date and well maintained.
  • Manage the day to day operational activities that support the breeding programme.
  • Ensure that systems are implemented and maintained to improve fish performance whilst minimising risks associated with selective breeding.
Research and Development
  • Actively search out salmon farming best practice and assess and test improvements through discrete project work.
  • Following appropriate analysis - advocate for change by ensuring that the results obtained in projects are communicated widely.
  • Maintain the relevance of research by sitting on the annual Research Management Group.
People Management
  • Build trust in your team. 
  • Ensure all hatchery team members are appropriately supervised
  • Develop and support a culture of continuous improvement and welcome suggestions.
  • In conjunction with other freshwater managers, identify high performing team members and work with the FOM and HR to better develop and utilise talent.
To be selected for this role you will have a minimum of 5 years fin-fish farming and 3 years people management experience and possess the following skills and knowledge:
  • Relevant Bachelor qualification, preferably in aquaculture
  • Detailed understanding of fish husbandry
  • Practical experience in salmon broodstock and breeding production
  • Strong leadership and strategic planning ability

Nice to have

We offer

For the right candidate we offer:

  • A challenging and independent position.
  • A work environment characterized by great commitment and a strong commitment to achieving results for both our employees, customers and the company.
  • A competative remuneration package